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Chairman’s Statement
Chairman’s Statement
The Group’s town gas business in Hong Kong maintained stable growth in 2016. Global economic fluctuations, slowdown in economic growth in mainland China, further devaluation of the renminbi and low international oil prices during the year, however, impacted the Group’s utility and emerging environmentally-friendly energy businesses on the mainland. Nevertheless, the Group endeavoured to maintain stability in its overall recurrent business results for 2016.

Business Highlights
Business Highlights

Town Gas Sales

million MJ

Number of Customers
per Employee


Profit Attributable
to Shareholders

HK million dollars


HK million dollars

Towngas’ Businesses in 2016
Business Coverage
in 2016
Based in Hong Kong, our portfolio currently includes 241 projects in 26 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in mainland China, as well as one in Thailand.

Total Projects

Towngas (003)

Piped City-gas Projects


Midstream Projects


LNG Filling Station


Water Projects


New Energy Projects


Oilfield Project


Telecommunication Projects


Other Projects


Towngas China (1083)

Piped City-gas Projects


Midstream Project


CNG Filling Station


Other Projects


Mainland Utility Businesses
Mainland Utility

The Group’s mainland operations recorded double-digit growth in unit gas sales, heralding a new era in tackling air quality issues

Towngas China was honoured with the 2016 HKMA Quality Award Grand Award, which was given for the first time in respect of operations outside of Hong Kong

The mainland’s first-ever residential gas clothes dryer launched, selling 10,000 units and each boosting household gas consumption by 30 per cent

Hua Yan Water established a state-of-the-art bio-waste treatment facility that extracts methane for integration into Towngas China’s pipelines

The Hong Kong Gas Business
Hong Kong
Gas Business

The first commercialised project utilising landfill gas to fuel the combined heat and power system in Hong Kong was commissioned at a hospital in Tai Po

Gas appliance sales increased by 7.7 per cent, contributing to profits as well as enhancing regular maintenance operations by provision of high-quality products

Our Total Kitchen Solution, under the Mia Cucina brand name, enjoyed a growth in sales to 4,186 units in 2016, bringing our market share in the private development projects sector to 30 per cent

New Energy And Diversified Businesses
New Energy
and Diversified

The ECO’s renewable energy initiative is underway, with the construction of a plant converting bio-oil into high-quality chemical products and fuel substitutes nearing completion

ECO’s pilot project converting agricultural waste into furfural and levulinic acid is anticipated to have significant implications for the nation’s environmental practices

The construction of our South East New Territories (SENT) landfill gas treatment facility has been completed, further actualising our sustainable development goals

Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

Towngas was honoured with three awards of the Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Awards for the achievements in corporate social responsibility

Caring for vulnerable people in society, we distributed about 330,000 rice dumplings and more than 100,000 mooncakes

Towngas championed the inclusion of people with disabilities with a series of activities in partnership with SAHK and the Hong Kong Society for the Deaf (HKSOD)

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